Hotel Newspaper advantages

How to make Hotel Newspaper quick & easy

Your hotel newspaper in a few minutes only ?

Hotel Newspaper is the easiest way to promote hotel’s products and services to the widest range of hotel clients; everybody can read it regardless of age, technology knowledge & availability, place of reading. Put it on reception, in guest room or on breakfast table.  

To make the newspaper interesting for the guest, include weather report, daily news from press agencies, sudoku games, etc… If you like, you can even include advertising from other companies to be presented to your guests.

Why to go with our solution ?

You will be able to prepare the daily newspaper printed issue(s) within minutes every day without having to spend hours of high tech collegues to do it with standard desktop publishing software tools. See what you can acomplish in 30 minutes of daily work; here is a sample of A3 pdf file, prepared for print, double-sided (folded comes to A4, 4 pages of newspaper): Hotel_NEWS_sampleA3.


Easy to use

The intuitive menu navigation makes creating your own articles very easy.

Your informations and images are automatically inserted in your hotel newspaper on the chosen publication day and in the right place. Supplemented easy-to-usewith the current weather for your location, games and even today’s newspaper articles (optional) guarantee a professional hotel newspaper.



You can provide your guests with an even more individual service by benefitting from our multilingual adaptation options. Foreign language editions are produced automatically based on the main edition -multi-lingual helping you to avoid mistakes and false information.


Time saving

A few clicks and your perfect information tool for your guests is ready for distribution. The Hotelmedia News in-house marketing tool is easy to use, thus enabling you to present a professional layout to your guests every day.Your business is unique, and so is your hotel magazine.Selected articles integrated in your website are automatically updated !